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Life FM

Life fm is a unique vibrant music network – positive, inspiring, radical and relevant, it connects with youth and youthfully energetic adults.

Station format

Inspiring Alternative, Pop, Rock & Urban Music

Target audience

18 – 39 Years




Rhema is contemporary and lively, offering a great mix of uplifting music and encouraging chat for people whose lives are kept busy balancing family, work and community priorities.

Station format

Uplifting Contemporary Music, Talk & Teaching Programmes

Target audience

30 – 54 Years




Star is a relaxing and inspirational companion for an older generation of empty-nesters and those enjoying their golden years.

Station format

Inspirational, Easy
Listening & Classic

Target audience

55+ Years



Radio advertising done right.

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions, and what you can expect. 

What can I expect my ad to sound like?

Your radio ad is entirely up to you. The process begins with a creative brief for you to complete, after which a script will be created, reviewed by you and sent to voice production. The entire process is handled by our in-house creative team and is free of charge if committing to 3 months or more. Here are some of our previous client ads:

Eco Gutter Clean

Leprosy Mission

Living Green NZ

How long will my ad take to create?

If you don’t have an already created ad you want us to use, we can create one for you scripted and produced in 1 week. Our Team will create a suggested script and get it voiced making the process quick and easy for your ad to go on air.

What are the costs involved?

We have a large variety of packages, where our regional packages can start from as little as $350 per month. Some of these packages also includes free ads scripted and produced. If you would like to book additional voiced ads it will be a flat fee of $350.

How will I know what audience my ad is reaching?

We have a uniquely Christian based audience all across the country. Your ad will target specific ages depending on which stations you choose it to be played on. Each station has a different sound, which may also impact where you’d like your ad played.

How can I measure my ad's success?

Each business is different. Measuring return on investment can be done in various ways like using a promo code in your ad or having a feedback page on your website, asking “Where did you hear about us?” Our trusted and experienced Account Managers will work with you in designing your campaign so you can track your results the way that’s best for your business.

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